Thursday, May 19, 2011


Nashville is all about trendy mobile food trucks. They park outside of cool stores or gallery crawls and lure in the young and beautiful with their unique menus and alternative appeal. Up until today I felt that the taco truck, the grilled cheese truck, and the marshmallow truck (just to name a few) were just things for young local journalists to write about and hipsters to rave about. But then, I saw this: 

The Japanese food truck!! The best part is, rather than selling stuff like california rolls and weird ramen, the truck sells actual Japanese snacks like onigiri (rice balls), mochi ice cream, curry and rice, and UDON!!
It won't be up and running for a few weeks because the owners are headed to an anime convention (of course) in Chicago, but I will be certain to chase this truck down and give it a try once it's in commission. I can only hope that the food is tasty and the driver shouts "irashyaimase" out the window.


Joanie said...

I wish Pittsburgh had one of these

Leah said...

We'll go when you visit Nashville. It's right across from that amazing consignment store I was just telling you about :)