Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food Stamps

I got an unexpected call over lunch from a guy who I've worked with a little here and there. He works at a wonderful organization in Nashville that strives to bring secure and sustainable food systems to everyone in Nashville.
He called to inform me that the East Nashville Farmer's Market will now be accepting food stamps at all of their vendors. Beyond that, for every $1 you spend in food stamps, you'll receive $1.40 in farmer's market credit. He asked me to spread the word to all of the refugee families who I work with in that area. 
I told him my fellow Americorps co-workers will probably be more thrilled to hear the news than most families who are set shopping at Kroger and Walmart, but of course I'll pass the good news on to all. 

Unfortunately in Tennessee you do not automatically qualify for food stamps for being an Americorps member, like you would in other states such as Pennsylvania. Due to some savings I acquired while teaching English in Japan, I failed to make the free food cut. Although, I have had refugees who I work with buy me food on their food stamps, explaining that it's free money and I need not worry...

Caitlin, are Pittsburgh farmer's markets this with it? 

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Caitlin said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I have NO IDEA if PGH is in on this. But this is a sweet deal! Oh the turmoil -- the Yen keeping you from the government dollarz.